Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Skin ;)

Serene Aesthetics

Facial- Hydrating treatment for the first time.

Saya tertarik sbb arga nye yg brpatutan, RM68.
Lepas2 je, hydrating treatment. Consultant tu nma nye Sysilia tawarkan beli produk SoSkin diskaun 30% stiap stu brg. Beli 4 yg basic katanya. PT melayang!!!! :P
Lagi2, masa walk in pas je nk facial tu. Dpt pusing roda gn boucher rm 80. Ble spin je dpt free mask yg comel je.
Ni la mask nye. Hoho..
Inro product SoSkin.


A heavenly blend of nature and science.

Soskin products are developed from blending medical-grade plant and marine actives, protein and clinically-proven skin compatible bases to create therapeutic and luxurious products that give clearly visible results.

Situated on a botanical site between Grasse and Nice, France, the Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories employs advanced scientific technology to harness the most efficient molecules of nature to produce Soskin skincare products that give the best results in a more natural way.

P/S: Ble dpt keja besar suatu hari nnt, bru la trcapai utk beli suma produk kt ats. Woot2!

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